High Voltage EPC Services

OneLine/EPTCON specializes in the Engineering, Equipment Assembly, Procurement and Construction
of High Voltage Switchyards, Substations and Transmission Lines


OneLine Engineering provides complete detailed electrical engineering services, including protection and control system design, as part of the EPTCON EPC team.

Our unique combination of products and services provides our customers with unparalled Quality, Safety and Efficiencies for their High Voltage Installations

Our strength comes from the ability to offer our clients a complete turn-key solution from preliminary design to testing and energization to the grid.

● Complete Detailed Engineering
● Major Equipment Procurement
● Complete Prefabricated Control Buildings
● Station/Transmission Line Construction
● Testing & Commissioning
● Energization & Start Up Assistance

Project Planning

Our highly skilled team can take a project from conception to connection as every facet of the project falls under one EPC team. Our planning procedures give our customers the advantage of minimized outage times, while our construction team works diligently at upgrading equipment and systems.

Technical services

OneLine/EPTCON's licensed Technical Services personnel provide both in-house and on site full Electrical Equipment Commissioning. Services include electrical (copper and fibre infrastructure), and technologies commissioning (SCADA programming & support, relays, access control/surveillance hardware & software), and various IT services.

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Electrical Contractor Licence #7002191

OneLine Engineering is part of Cormorant Utility Services

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