Blind River Solar 1, 2 & 3 (500kW)
(Solvation V, F & VF)

Selected Projects

Solar Farm Projects

● Alderville 5 MW PV Substation
● Belleville North (10 MW) & South (10 MW) PV Farm Substations
● Blind River Solar 1, 2 & 3 (500kW)Substations
● Burkes Falls East (10MW) & West (10MW) PV Substations
● Crosby (10MW) PV Farm Substation
● Elmsley Solar Project & Substations - E (10MW) & W (10MW)
● Glendale (10MW) PV Farm Substation
● McCann (10MW) PV Farm Substation
● North Burgess (10MW) PV Farm Substation
● Rideau Lakes (10MW) PV Farm Substation
● Southgate Solar Substation (50MW)
● Stardale Solar Park 1 (10MW), 2 (7MW) & 3 (10MW)Substations
● St. Isidore Solar Project & Substations- A (10MW) & B (10MW)
● Sunny Shores PV Farm (10MW) Substation
● Waubaushene 3 (10MW), 4 (8MW) & 5 (10MW) PV Farm Substation
● Windsor Solar Substation (50MW)


Location: Town of Blind River, Ontario
Owner: Town of Blind River North Shore Power Group
Contractor: Vigor Clean Tech.
Engineer: OneLine Engineering

OneLine Engineering provided complete electrical engineering and design services for three 500 kW solar interconnections with a HONI 25 kV feeder.
The scope of work includes:

• Design of the protection relaying schemes for the interconnect substations, including detailed design of the relay panels for each site
• Design of the inter-tripping schemes with the remote HONI stations
• Preparation of the protection relaying philosophy document for submittal to HONI
• RTU communications integration with HONI
• Preparation of the relay coordination study and setting files
• Preparation of an arc flash study for the AC station services
• Sizing of the DC system battery charger and batteries
• Development of the AC and DC station service single line diagrams
• Construction and commissioning assistance

OneLine Engineering is part of Cormorant Utility Services

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