OPG – Cameron Falls Generating Station
DC System Upgrade Project

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● OPG - Cameron Falls Generating Station, DC System Upgrade


Location: Cameron Falls, Ontario
Owner: Ontario Power Generation - Northwest Operations Group
Engineer: OneLine Engineering

OneLine Engineering is providing detailed engineering and design services for the upgrade of the station DC system at a seven unit, 92 MW hydro generating station. The scope of work includes:

• Site assessment and verification of the accuracy of the existing plant drawings
• Perform a DC load study to determine if the existing station batteries have the capacity required for a future system upgrades
• Perform a DC short circuit study to confirm the rating requirements for new DC switchgear
• Produce an equipment specification for the new DC equipment and panels
• Production of detailed equipment layout and section drawings for the installation of new DC switchgear, battery chargers and upgraded batteries
• Production of civil drawings for modifications to the existing building to suit the installation of the new equipment and systems
• Production of a construction installation specification
• Updating existing plant drawings to incorporate the new equipment and cabling

OneLine Engineering is part of Cormorant Utility Services

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