East Durham Wind Farm
P&C and Collector System Review and Final Design

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● Grand Valley III Wind Farm Substation
● Greenwich CSS - 230kV Junction Substation
● Gunn's Hill Wind Farm Substation
● Jericho, Adelaide and Bornish Wind Farms
● McLeans Mountain Wind Farm Project
● Niagara Regional Wind Farm Substations
● Plateau 1, 2 & 3 Wind Farm Substations
● Spence CSS - 230kV Junction Substation
● North Kent Windfarm Project - 230kV-34.5kV Interconnection/Collector Substation


Location: Grey County, Ontario
Owner: NextEra Energy Canada
Contractor: Borea
Engineer: OneLine Engineering

OneLine Engineering provided complete electrical engineering and design services for the 44 kV switchyard protection relay system and collector system at the East Durham Wind Farm (23 MW). The scope of work includes:

• Review, modification and finalizing of the protection system schematics and connection wiring diagrams produced by others
• Development of trip logic drawings for the line, transformer and feeder relays
• Development of the short circuit model for the calculating the relay settings
• Development of the relay configuration and setting files and reports for review by HONI
• Development of the relay configuration and setting files and reports for uploading to the relays
• Review, modification and finalizing of all collector system drawings for the wind farm
• Production of the final drawing As Built package for the project
• Construction and commissioning assistance

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