Jericho, Adelaide and Bornish Wind Farms
(JAB3-Pack) and 500 KV Connection to the Grid

Selected Projects

Wind Farm Projects

● East Durham Wind Farm Substation
● East Lake St. Clair Wind Farm Substation
● Grand Valley III Wind Farm Substation
● Greenwich CSS - 230kV Junction Substation
● Gunn's Hill Wind Farm Substation
● Jericho, Adelaide and Bornish Wind Farms
● McLeans Mountain Wind Farm Project
● Niagara Regional Wind Farm Substations
● Plateau 1, 2 & 3 Wind Farm Substations
● Spence CSS - 230kV Junction Substation
● North Kent Windfarm Project - 230kV-34.5kV Interconnection/Collector Substation


Location: South West Ontario
Owner: NextEra Energy Canada ULC
Contractor: Borea Inc.
Engineer: OneLine Engineering

OneLine Engineering provided complete electrical engineering and design services for three wind farm 34.5 KV collector systems, three step up 34.5 – 115 KV collector substations, including a 115 KV 4 breaker ring substation that collects power from all three wind farms and re-directs a combined total of 281 MW of power to the Parkhill 115 -550KV, 450 MVA step-up substation, also designed by OneLine Engineering, that connects to the Hydro One 500 KV transmission system via Hydro’s Evergreen substation, located between Bruce and Longwood approximately 158 km from Bruce. The scope of work includes:

• Conceptual and detailed design of the bus configuration for all substations
• Engineering and Design of all protection and control schemes including relay setting calculations and setting files, AC, DC Schematics and wiring diagrams
• Design of the collector cable systems
• Specification of all major equipment including reactive power compensation equipment
• Sizing of all grounding transformers
• Ampacity rating determination of all cables including 600 V wind turbine output cables and all 34.5 KV collector cables
• All power system studies including load flows short circuit studies, reactive power studies, and grounding grid studies and design
• Development of the Operating and Control Philosophy
• Assistance with IESO, NRC and ESA submissions
• Construction and commissioning technical assistance
• Project close out documentation

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