Niagara Regional Wind Farm Project - 230 kV Interconnect Substation
and 230 kV – 34.5 kV Collector Substations (North and South)

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Wind Farm Projects

● East Durham Wind Farm Substation
● East Lake St. Clair Wind Farm Substation
● Grand Valley III Wind Farm Substation
● Greenwich CSS - 230kV Junction Substation
● Gunn's Hill Wind Farm Substation
● Jericho, Adelaide and Bornish Wind Farms
● McLeans Mountain Wind Farm Project
● Niagara Regional Wind Farm Substations
● Plateau 1, 2 & 3 Wind Farm Substations
● Spence CSS - 230kV Junction Substation
● North Kent Windfarm Project - 230kV-34.5kV Interconnection/Collector Substation


Location: Niagara Region, Ontario
Owner: FWRN LP
Contractor: EPTCON Ltd. (Substations and transmission lines)
Engineer: OneLine Engineering

OneLine Engineering is providing complete electrical engineering and design services for a 230 kV interconnection substation and two 230 kV – 34.5 kV collector substations for a 230 MW wind farm. The scope of work includes:

• Design of the protection relaying schemes for the line protection, transformer protection, teleprotection, bus protection and feeder protection, including the   detailed drawings required for assembly of the relay panels
• Production of all related electrical drawings including single line diagrams, AC & DC schematics, trip logic diagrams, cable and termination schedules, grounding   and lighting layouts
• Design of the P&C control building and the GIS switchgear building for each substation
• Line loss studies for the transmission system
• Design of the communications network for the substations
• RTU communications integration with IESO/HONI
• Construction and commissioning assistance

OneLine Engineering is part of Cormorant Utility Services

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