OPG - Sir Adam Beck Plant 1
Generating Unit 10 – Output System Upgrade

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● Lower Mattagami - 115kV,
10MVA Construction Power Substation

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● OPG - Sir Adam Beck Plant 1
● OPG - Sir Adam Beck Plant 1,
Generating Unit 10

● OPG - Cameron Falls Generating Station, DC System Upgrade


Location: Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario
Owner: Ontario Power Generation
Contractor: State Group
Engineer: OneLine Engineering

OneLine Engineering provided detailed electrical engineering services for the upgrade of the Generating Unit 10 output system, including the replacement of the generator 13.8 kV buswork. The scope of work included:

• Site assessment and verification of the accuracy of the existing plant drawings
• Production of detailed layout and section drawings for the replacement of the generator output buswork
• Production of detailed structural support steel for the replacement transformer conservator tank
• Production of a detailed bill of material for the project
• Production of mounting details for new current transformers on the 13.8 kV system
• Production of layout drawings for the addition of a new CVT to the 115kV indoor substation
• Updating existing plant drawings to incorporate the new equipment and cabling

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