Waubaushene 3 (10 MW), 4 (8 MW) and 5 (3.5 MW) PV Projects
44 kV Interconnect Substation Projects

Selected Projects

Solar Farm Projects

● Alderville 5 MW PV Substation
● Belleville North (10 MW) & South (10 MW) PV Farm Substations
● Blind River Solar 1, 2 & 3 (500kW)Substations
● Burkes Falls East (10MW) & West (10MW) PV Substations
● Crosby (10MW) PV Farm Substation
● Elmsley Solar Project & Substations - E (10MW) & W (10MW)
● Glendale (10MW) PV Farm Substation
● McCann (10MW) PV Farm Substation
● North Burgess (10MW) PV Farm Substation
● Rideau Lakes (10MW) PV Farm Substation
● Southgate Solar Substation (50MW)
● Stardale Solar Park 1 (10MW), 2 (7MW) & 3 (10MW)Substations
● St. Isidore Solar Project & Substations- A (10MW) & B (10MW)
● Sunny Shores PV Farm (10MW) Substation
● Waubaushene 3 (10MW), 4 (8MW) & 5 (10MW) PV Farm Substation
● Windsor Solar Substation (50MW)


Location: Township of Severn, Ontario
Owner: Recurrent Energy
Contractor: EPTCON Ltd. (Substations)
Engineer: OneLine Engineering

OneLine Engineering provided complete electrical engineering and design services for three new 44 kV interconnection substations for three new solar parks. The scope of work for each site includes:

• Design of the protection relaying schemes for the substation, including detailed design of the relay panels
• Design of the station inter-tripping schemes with the remote HONI stations
• Design of a prefabricated control building for the substation
• Configuration of the protection relays and the RTU
• Communications integration with the inverter station master SCADA system
• Design of the cable trench, ducts, grounding and lighting for the station
• Construction and commissioning assistance during system start up

OneLine Engineering is part of Cormorant Utility Services

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